Project information

  • Category: Recycle Industry
  • technologies: HTML5, CSS, Laravel, MySql
  • Company Background: Recycled product selling, eco-friendly food cafe chain company

Project Overview

Custom CRM to store, manage and fetch sales and purchased-based reports, and invoices, along with stock management, brand management, product management and customer management.

Client Background

The client wanted to have his own easy-to-use CRM so he can manage his multiple stores, customers, products and reports all at once instead of creating a stack of excel sheets.

The Challenge

  • After the GST implementation on purchase and sales, managing manual reports after each month is a tedious task, so we wanted to implement a feature where GST can be calculated automatically on one click itself.
  • The second challenge was to deliver a system that was easy to use and compute for staff who have no hands-on experience using a tech product.

Our Solution

We have implemented an easily tweakable and robust solution keeping the scope of CRM expansion with other new future features in mind. The web screen and layouts are designed in such a way that it feels easy and interactive for non-tech staff to incorporate the usage of CRM into their daily routine.