BrainED Leaf


Project's Information




JavaScript, React.js


Laravel, MySQL, Python, MQTT

The Challenges

  • Due to the competition between educational digital platforms, the real education system requires a deep understanding and knowledge for developing software that accurately collects the brain data sent via the BCI device. It was a challenge to draw an application that is highly responsive and accurate for collecting brain data of each student resulting in bulks of data over a short period of time.

Key Features

We have implemented a robust solution looking forward to client needs. The app screen layouts are designed and developed in such a way as to make the teacher’s interface interactive. the teacher can easily download and sign up to select the subject, topic and chapter before starting the session to collect the data via BCI.
  • Makes day-to-day learning easy and transparent.
  • Record Student’s attention, focus, and emotional well-being using a sensor placed on their forehead.
  • Helps teachers to know live stats like average, lowest and highest attention in a live class.
  • Helps teachers to know the weak spots of a child simultaneously so they can help children better understand the topics being taught.