Trouvaille Trips Leaf


Project's Information


Travel and Entertainment


React.js, Javascript


PHP, Laravel, MySQL

The Challenges

The main challenge was to find a way for our clientele to penetrate in the over competitive market of travel stay and medium bookings.
The second main challenge was to find a way to make travelers understand importance of trees and pollution free environment via an informative page on carbon footprint calculator and how to reduce pollution

The Results

The best possible way to capture the audience is via knowledge sharing in an innovative manner and this brings us this concluded approach to start an informative website that can answer to all travel and stay based queries along with do’s and don'ts. Giving back to the community can also help by involving the locals and frequent travellers

Once we have an audience, other phases will be launched such for B2B and B2C Bookings.
  • Detailed Informative page for each location to travel with information like geographic importance, historic importance, best time to travel, average spend per person etc.
  • Carbon Foot print calculator to make user understand the impact of pollution