Tiffin Mom Leaf


Project's Information


Restaurant Aggegrator and Food Industry Technology


HTML, CSS, React.js


Node.js, MySQL

The Challenges

  • The main challenge was to provide a scalable platform to incorporate different tiffin providers across the states of the USA where they can provide weekly tiffins, custom tiffins and add-ons orders.
  • Creating a backend that can handle a number of requests as per the locations and tiffin category was a challenging task.

Key Features

We have implemented an easily scalable and robust solution keeping in mind the expansion of the platform as there are new tiffin providers and locations adding on to the platform each day. With such huge ordering, apart from success in placing orders online, it was important to check that the client gets the right reports and analytics from time to time, as the future and features of the future depend on past data and current analytics
  • Easy UI/UX for smooth process for online delivery
  • Easy management for multiple orders across the street of USA
  • Detailed and minute reporting